We are Ursula, Iñaki, Fiorella, Luis & Curtis.

We are a team of friends who have found our way to Navarra from diverse points of origins around the world, and we are passionate about sharing the cultural wealth and fascinating history of our adopted homeland with our guests. We love the adventure of travel and the thrill of new discoveries as much as you do, and that is why we work so hard to make every one of our journeys something to remember, meticulously crafting our itineraries to the interests and needs of our guests while at the same time working in a few surprises along the way.


Ursula Leon

Peruvian by birth and Navarran by adoption, Ursula received her formation from the National School of Tourism in Perú, where she worked for many years as an official tour guide. She later moved to Spain to continue her studies with a Master’s Degree from the Public University of Navarre.

These days, she continues living our her vocation as a travel advisor and tour guide here in the north of Spain. Her greatest satisfaction is helping others to experience the same excitement and that she and her family experience as they explore the beautiful landscapes of this land, so rich in history and two millenia of traditions. Among the things Ursula lists as things she truly enjoys are relaxed chats with locals sharing their memories and the history of their villages around a table following a meal, accompanied by her family and friends; the peaceful sound of cowbells echoing in the distance while hiking through the lush, green mountains and valleys of northern Spain with her husband and three children; and music. Ursula, her husband and her children are all musicians, and it is not unusual for them to set out on a journey accompanied by their instruments.

Curtis J. Williams

A former secondary school teacher hailing from the United States, Curtis has made his home in Pamplona Spain since 1998, following his first pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago two years earlier.
Curtis has worked as a teacher at all levels from primary school through the university; as a corporate English language trainer in national and multinational companies; a translator; and a travel organizer, organising and leading small groups on walking journeys ranging from eight to thirty-five days in length along the Camino. Curtis is our specialist in organizing and facilitating pilgrimages for groups from Catholic parishes and organizations. If you want to schedule time for daily Mass and prayer, and dig deeper into the spiritual heritage of the Camino, he’s the one to give you a hand.
When not out on the Camino, Curtis also enjoys hiking and cycling in the mountains, travel, reading up on Spanish and European history, and performing with friends as a member of a local folk-rock band.

Iñaki Olaiz Iraizoz

Born and raised in Pamplona, Iñaki has worked for over 20 years in the tourism sector as a hotel manager and director of his own travel agency. He is our mentor and chief advisor, as well as a genial and entertaining travel companion. A seasoned traveller and avid reader with a passion for history and the traditions of his homeland, Iñaki’s knowledge and experience is one of our greatest assets. Iñaki helps bring our journeys to life with a myriad of fascinating details and secrets of the Spain and Navarre of old that do not always appear in the general travel guides. A born storyteller, Iñaki is also tremendously knowledgeable about Spain’s rich wine culture, and knows that good conversation is always made even better when accompanied by a glass of a good, local wine

Fiorella Vallejos

Like Ursula, Fiorella is also Peruvian by birth and received her degree as an official tourism guide in Peru. She has made her home in Navarre for the past decade. Travelling is not only her profesional field, it is her passion, and Fiorella’s extensive experience as a travel agent and customer service representative in tourism affords her the opportunity to indulge her passion to the fullest.

Her passion for travel has given Fiorella the opportunity to discover fascinating new places, and to meet people who make each place a unique experience. She offers as one of her favourite travel quotes the following quote from Thor Heyerdahl: “Borders? I have never seen one. But I have heard they exist in the minds of some people.”

Luis Larrea

A native of the Rioja region and a Navarran by adoption, Luís has a degree in teaching and broad experience in a number of very different fields. He says he “stumbled into” the tourism sector professionally 10 years ago, and currently combines his work in tourism with his main job as a web developer in the fields of advertising and communication. Among his hobbies, Luís enjoys photography; playing music (he says he is an eternal apprentice saxophonist); spending time with friends and family around a table with a good meal and a great bottle of wine; and of course travel, although being the father of a young daughter forces him to keep his journeys closer to home, at least for the time