In order to prevent the spread of the Covid19 virus and to maintain the safety of our clients and workers, at  CRLISTEN PILGRIMPATHWAYS , we have implemented measures that successfully ensure the security  of our services in each journey , following the guidelines set by administrations and the World Health Organization .

The Spanish government has set out a comprehensive set of rules for the tourism sector, in detail, for restaurants, hotels, activity providers, etc. All our partners involved in making a nice journey for you. We summarise the key points in the light of how we think they will impact our trips.

Transportation. For private transfers, we will have a similar cleaning regime. Your driver will wear a mask and you will be expected to do likewise. Wipes and sanitiser will be available. Ventilation is considered to be important in enclosed spaces like cars so be prepared to have the windows cracked open during the journey. On most of our Inn to Inn walks, you don’t see another transfer until the end of the week so it’s just your bags which get a lift each day. When you get to your next inn, it probably makes sense to wipe off the handles before you pick up the bags to take them to your room.

Guiding. Social distancing is easy to achieve when out and about so this should not pose a particular risk. During any road transfers to/from the start point of a walk or activity, you should expect to wear a mask – as will the guide. Once out of the car and walking, it’s hard to imagine any need to wear them ,if no one else  is around or stopping for the use of any service.  So need to be carry with you.

Activities. For those trips having  indoor or out activities , a  series of cleaning protocols have been set out but in general,by each provider and supervised by us..

Hotels The vast majority of hotels we use  are small, rural, owner-run places so they tend to have just a few rooms and no pressure on space and not a hint of crowding, even though . Check in processes will dispense with pen & paper where possible. Payment will be remote or contactless. Areas of highest traffic will be continually cleaned (light switches, door handles, bathrooms, etc). Keys will be disinfected between each use. Rooms will be aired out regularly. Sheets will be washed at 60c. Cleaning staff will wear masks and gloves. Remote controls for TVs will be cleaned and put in a bag. Buffet breakfasts are a thing of the past so there will be table service for breakfast, and all meals.

Restaurants. For most of our trips , picnic lunches are very often an option and much of the time preferable anyway. Dinners are often eaten at the hotel just because there won’t be other options in small villages on a hillside. In these cases, there won’t be much impact. Restaurants with open air seating seem to be handling things well and having lunch inside will maintain a suitable distance between diners. If considering nighlife time, locals should close at